Humbucker P90

The P90 Pickups that are Humbucker Size

A while back Seymour Duncan, the world renowned and famous maker of pickups came out with the phat cat humbucker sized P90’s. Originally these were produced for a certain guitar manufacturer but due to popularity were brought out as it’s own pickup model.

You can buy these pickups anywhere these days and while their popularity brought them into production, I wouldn’t say they are exceptionally popular or well known these days. However that is not because they are bad but because most people haven’t had a reason or need to have them. That is because they dont know these possibilities of this pickup.

The reason you might not know about this pickup is because you’ve probably never thought of replacing your humbucker guitar with P90 pickups. Because, why would you? I mean you’d have to reroute the whole guitar and make space for a pickup that wouldn’t fit. However, now that these exist and you can easily put them on any humbucker guitar, would you replace your humbucker guitar now with P90’s? Yes! Because it is so easy to do so now.

These pickups sound very good and are not too expensive which make them a good way to turn an average guitar into a great one. That is what I did with my affinity Squier by Fender Stratocaster. It was Originally wired with a humbucker as its stock pickup. The sound wasn’t for me so I went on the lookout for something in between a humbucker and a single coil and that is when I stumbled across this P90 in the size of a humbucker.

p90 humbucker size

Gel Pens

What are Gel Pens?

Gel pens are a type of a pen that use a special type of gel as the ink. The Gel makes for a really nice and smooth write although if you buy really bad quality gel pens then they won’t be very smooth however the good one’s are.

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